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Season Project
- hopefully a comic some day
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5th-Dec-2007 11:28 pm - hello!
[random] bird 'n french fry
This is a community/account where I put everything related to my comic-project 'season project': a fantasy-story about seasons, their birth and people who command them. :3

The journal will be friends only, i.e. all the entries will be behind member lock.
So, feel free to join this community to see what's inside. :D
(note: just friending this place won't show you the entries, you need to join,too, sorry X3;)
This place will have much more stuff than my homepage or DA. I'll put everything from sketches to pictures and ponderings about the story (maybe I'll share some parts I've written about the story, dunno)

Just drop me a line here and I'll add you to the community. (and a little mention of who you are and how you got here and all would be nice addition. :3)

Thank you for watching!
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